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Giving tomorrow's business leaders a head start!

Learn from Professional Mentors

Code your Mobile App Prototype

Develop your own Startup Idea

Pitch to an Esteemed Panel of Judges

Look out for NEX Incubator Programs Summer 2022


The Nebula Entrepreneurship eXperience (NEX) is a 4-week online summer camp for high schoolers. With a team of fellow co-founders, you'll learn how to develop your own tech startup! Grasp essential entrepreneurial concepts from industry-leading mentors in Google, Uber, Amazon, etc. while coding a mobile app prototype of your product. The final pitch day allows teams to present their work to a panel of accomplished judges and parents. NEX is entirely online for 2021!

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What you'll learn

  • Crucial Entrepreneurial Skills

    • Idea Generation​

    • Finance

    • Marketing

    • Investor Pitching

  • Interacting professionally with peers

  • Tackling real-world problems with innovative solutions!

  • Developing an intuitive and beautiful mobile application

  • Dive into the entrepreneurial world & learn from case studies

What you'll experience

  • A passionate team of organizers ready to help whenever needed

  • A group of professional mentors with several years of experience & high-caliber judges (several CEOs)

  • Opportunities for expanding your love for entrepreneurship as an Alumni - you can even become a volunteer and lead your own camp!

  • Qualified tech mentors to teach you app development

Program Structure

Week 1
Week 2

Get exposed to foundational entrepreneurship concepts!

Business Models


Investor Pitching

Idea Generation and Finalization


Go-To Market Strategy

Week 3


Code your Prototype


// With a Tech Professional!

Week 4

Test your Idea, add new features, and receive feedback.

Get Ready to LAUNCH!

Hard Skills (Curriculum)

Idea Generation

What is the process of coming up with industry-disrupting ideas? How do you identify certain problems and develop feasible solutions? You'll learn the creative process behind developing a startup.



Convincing people to buy your product is hard. You'll learn how to competitively price and develop marketing strategies for social media in order to sell effectively. 


Only designing features won't get you far! Learn key concepts on how to raise seed money for your startup and how to manage your monetary resources for maximum efficiency.

Life-Long Skills



As you work with your mentors on developing your startup, you'll have a chance to network with them and inquire further about their industry. You'll also get a chance to collaborate and build a startup with like-minded peers!

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Critical Thinking

It's not easy to rationally think about a real-world problem and design a unique solution for it. As you rack your brains for innovation bursts, you'll learn how to critically think about specific issues that affect people. You'll also start thinking about the idea of feasibility and transforming creativity into a proper business idea.



As students, you don't have tons of financial backing or resources. This camp will teach you to be inherently resourceful with what you have and still deliver a fantastic product. From mobile apps to simple mechanic gadgets, the power of simplicity and prototyping will eventually shine in your work.

Product Management & Design

Product management is key to making sure that the design and implementation of your app is as efficient as possible. Learn how the different mechanisms of a company work to solve problems effectively. 

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Investor Pitching

It's not only about what you build - it's also about how you present it to others, especially your investors. Along with peer mentors, you'll be mastering your startup's presentation for actual investors to look at.



Throughout the Startup Incubator, you'll be learning how to develop an app. This will enable you to prototype your idea with a proper tech stack!! It's always great to put words in code and show off your startup. 

Pitch Day!

The most exciting day for a Nebula student is always Pitch Day! Over the four weeks of learning, you and your team would have been simultaneously learning about entrepreneurial concepts and applying them as you build your business. After several 1-on-1s and refinement, Pitch Day is when you can finally present your hard work! You'll present both the business and the tech aspect of your product. The audience consists of your past mentors, highly skilled judges (most of them being CEO / CFO / CTO, etc.), and your parents. You'll get a chance to profesionally pitch your company with thoughtful comments from the audience! You will also see what your peers have accomplished with their time at NEX

  • 8th Grade - 12th Grade

  • 3.0 GPA or Higher (The application asks for an unofficial transcript if you can obtain it) 

  • Coding experience not needed but preferred

  • Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology

  • Must have laptop w/ Windows or macOS 

  • Able to Commit 10+ Hours per Week

  • Need financial aid? Email


Session Dates

Coding Pre-Requisite



June 16th - July 11th

June 23rd - July 18th

NEX does not require extensive knowledge of programming, since we use code to design mobile apps rather than build complex architectures.

If you know how to use variables, if-statements, loops, and arraylists, you​ have met the coding pre-req.

If not, don't worry! We suggest you catch up by watching the 2-hr dart programming course that introduces you to coding, which is enough to fulfill the pre-requisite.


(Only 1 Spot left)


June 30th - July 25th

(Only 5 Spots left)


July 7th - July 31st


July 14th - Aug 7th

Once you apply, the NEX team will contact you about your application status and further steps within 2 business days.

Past Mentors & Judges at Nebula


Anil Singhal

Chief Executive Officer

Netscout Logo.png

Kevin Lee

Lecturer & Instructor


Arun Valliappan

Strategy & Ops Manager


Mani Sundaram


Nebula Statistics




Mentors & Judges


Startup Ideas

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Parent Reviews

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-13 at 11.15.54 AM

My son recently participated in the Nebula Online Startup Incubator with a small group of friends.  We were so impressed by the organization of the camp and the breadth of topics and exposure that occurred in just 4 short weeks.  With the excellent guidance of the professional and peer mentors, they were able to develop a solid business plan and working prototype which can be further developed into an actual start-up company.  The format of this camp is perfect for any motivated high school student who is interested in technology and entrepreneurship.  We highly recommend Nebula Youth Camps! – Kathy Kobayashi, Pleasanton, CA (June Cohort Parent)

Participant Reviews

Vibhu Krishnan

To be honest, I never imagined myself as an entrepreneur and was a little intimidated in the beginning with the whole concept of the NEX program. Meeting up and working together with people I have never met before and creating a business in four weeks sounded pretty bizarre...

Vikram Nagapudi

Before the start of the NEX, the thought of starting my own business eluded me. I could never imagine doing the work to create a product, pitch it, find investors, and even learn about the business aspects of starting a company...

Saketh Kamuju

Attending the first NEX Incubator run by Nebula entrepreneurship camps was one of the best learning experiences I have had. I was thrown head first into a world of technology and entrepreneurship, and very early on I was exposed to many high level concepts...

Arnav Mankand

NEX was undoubtedly a great experience for me. Never did I imagine that our team would be able to create a working prototype and business plan for our product, QuestSuggest, in just four weeks...

Thank you for Submitting!

  • What type of instruction are the participants offered?
    The participants work with industry-leading mentors who have plenty of experience starting and building businesses. The participants will have a lecture session with the mentors which explain concepts in Idea Generation, Product Management, Marketing, Finance, and Pitching. Once they work with their team, they will have a 1-on-1 session with the mentors to work on specific parts of their business. Once the camp is finished, mentors will share contact information so participants will be able to reach out with any of their questions.
  • Is homework assigned in NEX?
    Yes, we ask participants to regularly complete homework after each session. This work should be done by teams together, and should be taken seriously. NEX is modeled similar to a group of people creating a startup, and the homework reflects tasks that many companies perform during their first few months.
  • Who can I contact with my questions?
    Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions as Moreover, the above buttons allow you to actually contact past alumni students / parents! They can clear up any doubts about NEX. NEX will also have information sessions that you can sign up for by entering your email in the field above.
  • How much coding is involved in the camp?
    While we don’t have a specific coding prerequisite that our participants must have completed, we do suggest participants have basic knowledge of key concepts—conditional statements, for-loops, and variables. If you do not know how to code, do not worry! Please watch the video below, which will cover your coding pre-requisite. Participants will work with coding mentors and professionals to build their app on Flutter.
  • What is the goal of NEX?
    The goal is to foster the entrepreneurial mindset in the participants, and to introduce them to many basic concepts and ideas which are frequently used in starting a company.
  • What is the primary source of communication in this camp?
    We use WhatsApp—during the camp and with our organizing team. Please let us know if you do not have a WhatsApp or are unable to use it for any reason.
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