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EAH HTML Web Design Camp

EAH HTML Web Design Camp flyer.jpg

Learn how to code

Create your very own website

Showcase your website and win prizes


Day 1:
Student and teacher intros, install all necessary software, learn about the syntax of HTML and what it stands for.


Day 4:
Work on CSS and adding colors and design elements to their website.


Day 2:
Review of HTML syntax and website idea brainstorming. Learn how to set up your webpage!


Day 5:
Continue CSS additions to organize and polish websites and prepare for final presentations.


Day 3:
Continue learning how to set up their webpages and add various elements like links and images.


Day 6:
Showcase websites to an audience of parents, EAH coordinators, and SSF.

Previous Camp Testimonials

“Look at the commitment here, to take time out of your summer and commit to something challenging. It was great to see all of the different topics you chose for your websites. I sat in a few of Coach Tanay’s classes and his checks for understanding really helpful - it is great to see youth teach youth. I hope we continue this in the future.” - Melissa, RC

“The first day was very stressful, but Coach Tanay did a brilliant job. He was amazing. Dilshaan is only a fourth grader and I really appreciate him including my son and helping him. He now knows lots of stuff - thank you so much! I hope in the future you continue these.” - Dilshaan’s mom

“My favorite part of the camp was making a website and facing of my fear of talking to new people.”                   

Abraham, Participant

“My favorite part of the camp was adding in pictures to the website - it makes the website more interesting.”      

-Thanh, Participant

“My two favorite things about the camp: One would be the whole camp and the 2nd part would be the whole camp again!”

- Sriman, Participant

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