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December Cyber Academy Highlights!

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  • 20 passionate middle & high school students

  • Guidance & Lectures from 6 professional Netscout mentors & judges 

  • Students became cyberdefenders as they learned basic cybersecurity skills!

  • Teamwork & Project Management taught through a final hands-on research project

Survey by the Numbers

  • 40% - Increase in CMD / Hardware Knowledge

  • 50% - Increase in CyberSecurity breaches info

  • 80% - Pursue CyberSecurity in the future

  • 90% - Had fun in the camp!!

Participant Favorites

  • Daily Kahoots with Cash Prizes

  • Engaging Lectures from Netscout mentors

  • Collaborating on a hands-on research project

  • Learning about the various ways hackers break systems!

Daily Workshops

Day 1 - Windows Basics

Students learned Windows hardware & software components

Day 1 - SPANDANA 2020 Cybercamp.png
Day 3 - Cyber Ethics & CIA Triad

Students learn about what ethics drive cybersecurity experts

Day 5 - Cloud Computing

Students learn about cloud computing and securing cloud systems

Day 2 - Cyber Threats & Prevention

How do hackers break into various systems? How can we prevent them from doing so?

Day 4 - Application & Network Security

Learning how developers secure their apps & internet networks

Day 6 - Pitch Day!

Parents & Netscout judges watch students present their research projects and provide feedback

Hear what our Alumni say!

"After every session, he would come and tell us something new, and sparked a whole different topic of conversations for our family. He was really glad about the camp!"

Parent - A'Fenia

"All of the mentors really expanded my knowledge in computer science and helped me know how to identify and take care of my computer data, even introducing me to the Internet of Things (IoT)."

Student - Camryn (9th grade, TN)

"I appreciate this camp provides my son with opportunities to interact with other older students. He chose the camp over playing Fortnite! He was truly engaged."

Parent - Rhonda

Our Participants Experience

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