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NEX Cohort Highlights


Survey by the Numbers

  • 40% - Increase in Business knowledge 

  • 30% - Increase in Technical knowledge

  • 80% - Will take up a major in Business or Tech

  • 90% - Will recommend to a friend

  • 8 passionate highschool students from both the East and West Coast

  • Guidance from 7 professional mentors from both start-ups and established companies

  • Young Entrepreneurs are gaining hands on knowledge to build their own businesses

  • Teamwork, Softskills, effective communication, and friendships are fostered

Participant Favorites

  • Working with participants across the country

  • Learning Mobile Application Development

  • Connecting with professional mentors

  • Peer Mentors support to push to succeed​

Workshop Progress

Idea Generation

Ikigai - Find your passions and align them to your work

Pitching and Presentation

Students practiced creating concise, engaging, and effective elevator pitches.


Exciting Theories of marketing, Geography / Size / Research 

Product Management

Young Entrepreneurs from East and West collaborate with each other to build an innovative product, making friends along the way.


Hands-on mentorship to create a monetization strategy and financial projection !

Peer Mentors

Our outstanding peer mentors Ansh and Vaarun -highschoolers who have already created their own businesses provide a wealth of knowledge to start their product design in

Final Pitch by Team Libri

Libri - An app to buy and sell college books - with an amazing business and financial model

Wang - Accounting -China
Vidhya - CS Engineering -India
Roya - Pre-Medicine - Afghanistan
Global Scholars Sponsored by April Cohort
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