Create a Real Startup at Nebula

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(8th - 12th grade)

Learn to create mobile apps! No previous experience required

(7th - 12th grade) Analyzing the Success of Early College - Admissions [Dec 6, 4 PM PST]


Learn from industry leaders how to successfully create your own startup with your team of co-founders


Visit local corporations and experience hands-on what it takes to grow your company and network with business executives


Pitch your company to a panel of investors that will judge your company and award the most innovative ideas

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Cybersecurity Academy from NetScout
Virtual App Development Camp
Antonio Flores - Nebula '18

"The mentors and speakers that have taught me at this program have inspired me to pursue business as I enter college as a Finance major. This camp has prepared me for college by giving me a solid foundation in business. It has only been 6 days but I have already learnt about huge supply chains, visited corporations like NVIDIA, and interacted with many business mentors. This camp has taught me more about business, entrepreneurship, and finance then I could ever have imagined."

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Vacheti Clothing

Founder: Vaarun Ramanathan 

Vacheti Clothing was founded with the vision of developing unique clothing that appealed to the youth generation that fits and feels amazing.

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