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Day 2
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Hear What Our Alumni Said!

Hear What Our Alumni Say!

"I personally am interested in Geography, so when Ajjit from the Urban institute was giving his presentation, I found it really cool how his job was to basically visualize how people in cities live, how they travel, and where the government needs to subsidize resources. It showed me how I could take two fields I'm very interested in (geography and computers) and find a career path that involves both, regardless of how different they are. I also enjoyed Amgen Jayanthi's presentation how she was able to show the process for the development of vaccines, and how data science can actually be used in the biology field. I wasn't very familiar with bioinformatics at the beginning of this course, but I now have a clearer idea of what it is."

"I really like how coach Kevin sends us a .ipynb template of the exact concepts he's teaching, and I find it really useful that I can follow along in class using google collab. I also like how we can use matplotlib and other graphics Kevin provided to actually visualize the data set, and be able to analyze why the data exists the way it does. Finally, I really enjoy the datasets provided, and genuinely think they are interesting to work with. And this for a person who never knew what Data Science was!"

Data Science Experience

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