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Corporate Social Impact - Sponsorship

Elevate social impact  and employee  engagement with uplifting programs


Passive Giving vs Active Engagement


Is your company looking to partner with an organization that engages your employees to easily make a difference in the lives of youth  in our community?

Employee Engaging Community Programs


Shooting  Stars Foundation provides an active engagement model  for your employees to participate in various  way. Our education programs focus  on several critically needed areas – Hackathons, STEM / Entrepreneurship Camps, Company  Tours.  (online  as necessary)


Why Sponsor?


✓  Excite company  employees to collectively volunteer in areas of expertise

✓  Empower  local youth  to embrace  Entrepreneurship or STEM careers

✓  Sponsor  college  education  for a first-time STEM graduate  in a 3rd world  country

✓  Be known  in the local community as a supporter of education  and STEM initiatives


SSF Sponsorship Opportunities

•   Example: $5000  for a 3-5 day Entrepreneurship Camp

•   Engage Speakers & Judges from your company in SSF Events / Camps

•   SSF volunteers will help organize and support every step of the way.

•   Marketing materials  distributed to attendees  and parents

•   Recognition in our website and print materials

•   Sustainable Annual sponsorship programs available!

Impart your skills to communities who need it the most

Camps & events reflecting  your company’s strengths

We   partner   with   your   organization  and   engage   your   employees and   executive leadership   to  connect  with  the  community and  help educate  the  children that  need their  support the  most.  Below  are some successful camps  and events  that  we  have helped corporations conduct successfully. We can customize the offerings as needed.


 Hackathons are exciting events where people with interests in STEM congregate and develop a novel project.

Cybersecurity Camps

Students learn Cybersecurity Fundamentals and participate in a research project on cyberattacks.

Entrepreneurship Camps

Industry professionals teach students entrepreneurial skills and help them develop a startup idea!

Data Science Camps

Hosted by UC Berkeley Researchers, Nebula's Data Science camp teaches the fundamentals of ML & AI.

Glimpses of Corporate Events

Brooklyn Entrepreneurship Camp

The SSF partnered with NetScout to deliver an entrepreneurship camp for students in Brooklyn, NY and inspired them to pursue STEM & Business!

StarHacks Equal Opportunity Hackathon

With over 100 participants, the SSF in partnership with Amgen hosted an inspiring hackathon that introduced computer science to several beginners. Amgen keynote speakers and mentors helped students create amazing tech submissions!

NETSCOUT Hackathons

The SSF and NetScout held two different entrepreneurship camps in Westford and San Jose. With the help of tech mentors from NetScout, participants were able to learn new computer science skills and develop life-changing solutions to everyday problems.


Education is the finest gift anyone can give to a young person

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