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Nebula Cyber Academy for Low-Income Students

Become a Digital Protector

Learn about our CyberSpace

Solve Challenging Problems

  • Learn CyberSecurity Fundamentals on Windows computer systems

  • Introduction to Command Line

  • Secure your own system

  • Dive into password security, user and group security, and malware detection

  • Introduction to file permissions

  • And much more!

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The Program

Learn About CyberSecurity Fundamentals

With an age where everything is online, digital threats are more dangerous than ever. During this camp, we will discuss the basics of Cyber Security from the perspective of a system owner. You will learn how to practice online safety and how to secure your own system against people with malicious intent.​

Hands-On Learning

After learning the basics about Cyber Security, learn how to implement these practices onto a Linux based operating system using command line and graphical interfaces. At the end of the camp, go through a simulation where you are challenged to use your learnings to secure a system against outside threats

Experienced CyberMentors

Meet and learn from mentors who work at Cyber Security companies! They will be speaking and teaching on various topics throughout the camp in order to foster a love for CyberSecurity.

Fun Classes

Through short and easy to understand classes, learn the most common ways that your system can be breached and how to best prevent this from happening. Not only will you learn about securing the system, you will learn to better understand how it works, solving puzzles and answering forensic questions along the way.

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