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Nebula's Startup Journey

Nebula Youth Camps (previously known as Shooting Stars Entrepreneurship Programs) was founded by Vaarun Ramanathan in the summer of 2018. Vaarun identified that most of the entrepreneurship programs currently being run were by universities for an extremely high fee and most of the content being taught could be found on the internet since they were just professors sharing theoretical knowledge. Vaarun realized there was an opportunity to create an entrepreneurship program in local communities, with REAL entrepreneurs and industry leaders who were able to share their life experiences and mentor students in developing their business. Nebula programs are also unique in providing participants with the opportunity to visit real startups and corporations (Google, Tesla, Netflix) to understand their work culture and the applicability of the theoretical lessons they learn.

Founding Organization

Shooting Stars Logo.png

Nebula Youth Camps is a division of The Shooting Stars Foundation, with all profits going towards the organization. The Shooting Stars Foundation is a global nonprofit that strives to break the cycle of poverty by empowering students in developing countries by funding their college education. The Shooting Stars Foundation is a student run organization that organizes several educational programs across the nation, to use education as a force to fund more education. To get involved with the foundation or donate please visit:


Advisory Board


Latha Narayannan

AVP - IT Applications, Netscout Systems
CEO - Shooting Stars Foundation


Abhi Saxena

Business Operations

ZS Consulting

Finance and Marketing

Annamalai Muthu

VP - Finance and Treasury

Temerty Group


Dr. Elisa Muresan

Ph.D Finance 

Emerging Technologies

Kevin Lee

Data Analytics – UC Berkley

Our  Student Team


Vaarun Ramanathan


WhatsApp Image 2021-01-16 at 11.14.13 PM

Ansh Gupta

President at the Shooting Stars Foundation

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