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Want to make a difference in a budding teen entrepreneur?

Our mentors help innovative highschoolers bring their business and product ideas to life

Our Summer Entrepreneurship programs bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in youth! We need the guidance of professionals like you to make their ideas a reality. Not only will you be empowering budding entrepreneurs to reach the higher heights you will be enabling low- income students to go to college with the funds raised from this program. If you have entrepreneurial or technological skills and knowledge, and want to invest in the next generation, this opportunity is perfect for you!

Who We Need

Adult Mentors
  • Professionals with at least 5 years of experience in one of these fields:

    • Business

    • Entrepreneurship, Ideation

    • Product Management

    • Marketing, Pitching

    • Finance

    • Program Management

    • Technology

Peer Mentors
  • High School Juniors / Seniors

  • College Undergrad / Postgrad students 

  • Skills in:

    • Program Management

    • Deep coding experience (App Development

    • Web Front Ends (REACT etc)

    • Web Back Ends (MongoDB etc)

eSTEM Camp Lead Professional Mentor Needs

eSTEM Camp Support Professional Mentor Needs

Tech Immersion Professional Mentor Needs

Audience Clapping
Why Should You Mentor?
  • Skill Based volunteering - Make a difference in the area you are an expert in 

  • Influence and inspire the next generation in business and corporate skills

  • Some companies donate on behalf of your volunteer hours !

  • Each cohort funds college education for 3 students from low income families around the world 

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