Data Science Academy

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Turning Questions into Programs

Making Meaning from Results

Present Projects to Professionals

  • Learn Basics of Data Science and Python

  • Work with Interesting Data Sets

  • Sports/ Entertainment/ Social Sciences

  • Present a Hands on Project

  • Key Notes from Eminent Data Scientists

  • Explore Data Science Beginning to End

The Program

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Week 1

Watch the playback to get these answers​

Data Science Mentors


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Data Science Panel – Aug 7 2020

Preview into the 1 Hour Panel – The RISE and RISE of Data Science​

  • Why is Data Science So Hot?

  • What career options do you have?   

  • What should you do at school to learn more?

  • How will jobs change in 5 years?


Kevin Lee

Instructor – Data Analytics BootCamp – UC Berkeley

(Past) VP – Analytics – Morgan Stanley


Ajjit Narayannan

UPenn – Statistics and Urban Planning

Data Scientist – The Urban Institute


Dharani Ravichandran

IT Specialist,

IBM Certified Data Scientist

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