Youth Entrepreneurs Camp | For Middle Schoolers

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Are you Creative, Passionate, Motivated?

Are You Optimistic, Persuasive, Resourceful?

Are You Adventurous, Decisive, Flexible?

You May be an Entrepreneur!

Find out if you are one, Dive into Entrepreneurship. It will take just 2 weeks on our online entrepreneurship program to find out!

  • Learn from Industry-leading Professionals who have several years of experience and get the opportunity to ask insightful questions. 

  • Receive Instruction in the areas of Ideation, Product, Design, Marketing, and Pitching!

  • It's not just listening! You'll engage in ideating your very own startup throughout the camp and pitch it at the end

  • Our dedicated organizers will ensure that you have a great experience at the Nebula Entrepreneurship Camp!

  • How does the Youth Entrepreneurs Camp differ from our High School Entrepreneurship Camp? This program is specifically curated for students in grades 6-8, with a lower emphasis on finances and more on how to develop an engaging and viable idea. Get your creative juices flowing!

Create your own company
Pitch in front of professionals
  • Calling all Middle School students!

  • Spend your 2 weeks online with Nebula

  • Create your own company and pitch in front of professional judges!

The Program

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How our Pricing Works: The price of the camp is a $75 donation, but you can choose to donate more if you love our cause! The amount you donate does not affect your experience at the camp. 

Promotion: If you refer your friend to the camp, you both get $10 off! This means that if you choose to donate $75 and refer a friend, you pay $65. 

Program Structure

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Week 1

Get exposed to foundational entrepreneurship concepts

Business Models


Investor Pitching

Week 2

Idea Generation and Finalization


Go-To Market Strategy


Mani Sundaram

Director & Builder


Arjun Chittoor

Project Management Executive


Ashutosh Gupta

Founding Member & Senior Director


Charles Elwood



Gunjan Singh

VP of Android Engineering