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Learn about technology and cloud computing at Google.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Through interactive workshops from high level executives and founders of startups, participants will learn the basics of business. Students can network with these business experts and get guidance while growing their own startups.

Job Shadow at Fortune 500

Students will be given the chance to visit Fortune 500 companies and attend hands-on learning experiences while immersing themselves into the business world. There will be tours and workshops conducted at the job site.

Launch Your Own Startup

Throughout the week, students will be given the chance to refine their ideas with the help of experts and evaluate objectives such as profitability, feasibility, and sustainability with the end goal of a polished startup idea that the co-founders can then create.

Pitch To A Panel of Investors

At the end of each program, all students have the opportunity to pitch their startup idea to a panel of investors who will award the best team of co-founders. Participants will also be offered feedback  on how to build their business ideas to take it to the next level.

One-Week Startup Camp

  • Develop an actual startup with your team of co-founders

  • Visit 3 companies

  • Attend 8 Industry Leader Workshops

  • Launch your actual company

  • Learn product market research, marketing, finance

3-Day Business Conference

  • Develop an elevator pitch for your product with co-founders

  • Visit 1-2 companies

  • Attend 5 Industry Leader Workshops

  • Get professional profile pictures 

  • Network with business executives to help develop your startup idea