The Nebula Online Startup Incubator

Create a Startup.

Turn your idea into a real product through the mentorship and guidance of industry experts at the 4-week Online Nebula Startup Incubator! You will have the opportunity to work with a team of professional mentors across the nation to develop a technology related product, and gain all the training and resources needed to actually launch your venture. Don't miss this great opportunity to Take Off As an Entrepreneur from the comfort of your home!

  • 9th Grade - 12th Grade

  • 3.0 GPA or Higher (The application asks for an unofficial transcript if you can obtain it) 

  • Have some previous programming experience
    (Ex: Mobile App, REACT Native, Flutter, Java, Python, C++, Swift, JavaScript - pretty much any programming concepts)

  • If no programming experience email for a 1 week mobile app boot camp before the camp!

  • Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology

  • Able to Commit 10+ Hours per Week

All workshops will be conducted in the evenings via Zoom, or other virtual meeting. Workshops are 2 hours per day in the evenings, Wed through Sunday. They will be conducted via video conference meetings!


Venture Into Business

Technology Skills

Tech Platforms

Design & Testing

Agile Methodology

Entrepreneurship Skills

Idea Generation

Product Development


Sales & Marketing

Soft Skills




Program Structure

Week 1

Get exposed to foundational entrepreneurship concepts

Business Models


Investor Pitching

Week 2

Idea Generation and Finalization


Go-To Market Strategy

Week 3


Code your Prototype


// With a Tech Professional!

Week 4

Test your Idea, add new features, and receive feedback.

Get Ready to LAUNCH!

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Siva Singaram


Nitin Iyer


Anitha Thenappan

amit saxena.jpg

Amit Saxena


Kannan Ramanathan


Vaarun Ramanathan


Unamalai Krisnan


"The mentors were very passionate and it was very motivating to hear their praise and suggestions. The peer mentors also consistently put pressure on us to better our work. The most important things I learned were 1. Every role in a team is important, 2. Clear communication is vital, and 3. Clarify your vision and mission before you start a company" - Sathiya, April Cohort Participant