The Nebula Online Startup Incubator

Create a Startup.

Turn your idea into a real product through the mentorship and guidance of industry experts at the 4-week Online Nebula Startup Incubator! You will have the opportunity to work with a team of professional mentors across the nation to develop a technology related product, and gain all the training and resources needed to actually launch your venture. Don't miss this great opportunity to Take Off As an Entrepreneur from the comfort of your home!

  • 9th Grade - 12th Grade

  • 3.0 GPA or Higher (The application asks for an unofficial transcript if you can obtain it) 

  • Coding experience not needed but preferred

  • Flutter mobile app development Boot Camp included with Camp Registration

  • Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology

  • Able to Commit 10+ Hours per Week


All workshops will be conducted in the evenings via Zoom, or other virtual meeting. Workshops are 2 hours per day in the evenings, Wed through Sunday. They will be conducted via video conference meetings!

Venture Into Business

Technology Skills

Tech Platforms

Design & Testing

Agile Methodology

Entrepreneurship Skills

Idea Generation

Product Development


Sales & Marketing

Soft Skills




Program Structure

Week 1

Get exposed to foundational entrepreneurship concepts

Business Models


Investor Pitching

Week 2

Idea Generation and Finalization


Go-To Market Strategy

Week 3


Code your Prototype


// With a Tech Professional!

Week 4

Test your Idea, add new features, and receive feedback.

Get Ready to LAUNCH!

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Mani Sundaram


Prasad Modali


Samuel Obe


Lucas Cai


Sivakami Sambasivam


Arun Valliappan


Annamalai Muthu

Hadia Khatri

"This program was extremely beneficial to me and I was taught both the entrepreneurial and technical sides of launching a start-up. The mentors were amazing and extremely knowledgeable about their respective fields and the program was really well organized! I really thought it was incredible that by the end of the 4 weeks, we came out with a fully-working prototype in addition to a professional pitch deck. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in business, technology, and/or entrepreneurship!" - Hadia, May Cohort Participant

Participant Reviews

Vibhu Krishnan

Saketh Kamuju

To be honest, I never imagined myself as an entrepreneur and was a little intimidated in the beginning with the whole concept of the Nebula incubator program. Meeting up and working together with people I have never met before and creating a business in four weeks sounded pretty bizarre...

Attending the first Online Tech Incubator run by Nebula entrepreneurship camps was one of the best learning experiences I have had. I was thrown head first into a world of technology and entrepreneurship, and very early on I was exposed to many high level concepts...

Vikram Nagapudi

Before the start of the Nebula Incubator Program, the thought of starting my own business eluded me. I could never imagine doing the work to create a product, pitch it, find investors, and even learn about the business aspects of starting a company...

Arnav Mankad

Nebula Online Incubator was undoubtedly a great experience for me. Never did I imagine that our team would be able to create a working prototype and business plan for our product, QuestSuggest, in just four weeks...